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  • Don't open the POR-15 can until you are ready to paint.
  • Don't paint directly from the POR-15 can, unless you are going to use up all the paint in one session.
  • Do wear latex or rubber gloves when working with POR-15.  If it dries on your skin, it has to wear off.
  • Don't shake up a can of POR-15.  Do stir it, like a great Martini
  • Do pour out,  from original can, only as much paint as you'll use up within 20 minutes.
  • Do wipe down lid and rim of original can throughly, and replace lid immediately!
  • Don't pour back into original can, the paint you have not used.  It will ruin the remaining paint.
  • Do make sure surface to be painted is bone-dry.  Use a blow dryer if necessary.
  • Do use Prep & Ready first if you are painting POR-15 on new steel, galvanized metal, aluminum, or any smooth metal surface.
  • Do use Prep & Ready  if your job had to be degreased or cleaned.
  • Do use an organic vapor particulate respirator, NIOSH/MSHA approved when spraying POR-15.  If you are spraying in an enclosed area, you must use an air-supplied respirator.
  • Do apply in thin coats.
  • Don't apply POR-15 to a "tacky" surface.  Wait until the first coat is dry to the touch before applying a second coat of POR-15.
  • Don't mix other paints with POR-15.  Never try to add color to POR-15.
  • Do topcoat POR-15 with an opaque paint, if left exposed to prolonged sunlight.
  • Do store remaining POR-15 (once opened) in a cool, dry location such as a refrigerator.
  • Do call your POR-15 Store Representitive Toll Free at 866 888-2651 if you have any further questions or need additional products or information.

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