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From Our Satisfied Customers

Thanks for the quick reply. Didn't think so, but didn't want to over kill either. You guys will get my referrals!

   Steve S.
   Columbus, Ohio

Wow! Not the cleaner but the response! If the product is as good as the service then plug me into the testimonials. Great job. Only other on line service I have experienced like this is through (company name witheld). Thanks for the info ... again, good job!

   Trent S.
   Forest, VA


I just received my order! Thanks for the quick turn around your products are great.

   Andrew S.
   Portland, OR

Hey, I received the Pelucid, tried it out. WOW, this stuff is fantastic. I have told and showed many of my friends the result of this fantastic product and I hope you will be receiving many more orders for it.

THANKYOU for being my lifesaver. The fiberglass on my motorhome was badly faded and the Pelucid brought it back to life and it looks brand new.


   Dan T.
   Houston, MN

I received the shipment today. Thank you for your speedy response to my order. I am very pleased, and I will tell others of your product.


   High Point , NC

Easy to use, it all worked, best site, see you soon again.

   Ken S.

Muscle Car Review
April 1990

"This article introduces the next generation of rust repair by showcasing two of the best anti-rust chemicals; POR-15® and Prep & Ready™. They put a one-two whammy on rust. To prove our point, we located the rustiest car we could find and performed a complete floor pan replacement. The key to the repairs is etching the new metal with Prep & Ready™and sealing it with POR-15® and paint. With the inside of the frame extension exposed, we treated it with our Prep & Ready™and POR-15® rust busting formula. This ensures that rust will not be a problem in the future."

Classic Auto Restorer
February 1994

"I decided to use them to test various rustproofing products I had acquired. After a quick wire brushing to remove loose rust, I sprayed each wheel with a different product, then covered them all with stainless steel wheel paint. Three years later all the wheels had rust pinholes showing through the finish, except for one treated with POR-15. Keep in mind also that hardened POR-15® is impervious to just about anything short of an atom bomb."

ChevyHi Performance
July 1995

"Here's an easy way to clean and add color to an engine. POR-15® makes brush-on engine paint that dries to a smooth, tough, extremely glossy finish. Whether painting the entire engine or dressing only the upper end, thePOR-15®engine paint kit is a handy tool. RestoMotive's Engine Clean does a great job of cutting grease. Everything is included to do a first-class job of dressing up your engine."

Hot Rod Magazine
June 1996

"RestoMotive Laboratories offers a floor pan and trunk restoration kit that allows you to repair rusted metal. The kit comes with all the simple hand tools and chemicals...to remove rust and neutralize, putty and paint your floor pan."

April 1995

"By scouting around, we found a product that stops rust permanently. Begin by cleaning the rusted area with a wire brush or sander to remove dirt and loose flakes of rust. Then, spray the area with MARINE=CLEAN™ to remove any oil or residue deposits. Next, apply Prep & Ready™ and let it set for 15 to 20 minutes. Finally, brush on POR-15®. After the POR-15® dries, the metal will be covered with a hard, ceramic-like finish. The final finish can be sanded and painted just like normal body panels."

March 1996

Literally everything you'll need, along with complete instructions, is included. There is enough in this (Steering Wheel Repair) kit to do quite a few repairs, so you might wind up repairing some friends' steering wheels as well.

Corvette Fever
July 1995

You can now rejuvenate your old vinyl with a treatment of POR-GLO™ Clear Coat for Viynl. RestoMotive Laboratories has come up with this new product that will coat and protect vinyl items for up to a year. It's perfect for vinyl tops, bumbers or any other vinyl item that you want to protect.

Muscle Car Review
Oct./Nov. 1994

"You always polish the front of the bumper, but what about the back? Before installing any new or replated bumper, I paint the back with POR-15®Clear... It is perfect for preserving the back of the bumper."

Recent Customer Testimonials

Brian M. from R. I.
May, 1999

"I have used your product before when restoring my Jeep CJ7, and a few months later the vehicle was torched. The truck was completely destroyed. Your product came thru unscathed. I was amazed! I rebuilt my truck. I used the same chassis that I had put POR-15 on without any touch up/repair at all. I want to thank you for a very impressive product!"

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